Con-tober and Nano-vember

Oh Sweet baby Jesus I’m about to not sleep for a month. 


So I do costuming as well as writing, which is eating up most of October with a trip to NYC for New York Comic Con (although I will definitely be trying to seek out writers and books), followed by the Ottawa Geek Market where I’ll be selling jewelry and things, and probably harassing people to go to Marie‘s table and buy books.

Can-Con logo

But before ALL of that, I’m going to this local con called Can-Con. it’s no big deal, just y’know, hosting the Auroras this year, and has a kind of awesome science track.

I’ll also be a panelist for the first time ever, covering the below:

  • So it’s your first Con
  • Multiculturalism in Science Fiction.

Excuse me while I go panic. But hey, I can totally sleep in November right?

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