Loose Ends

The Outpost

Early May, 2012

“Are you willing to commit to this?” Vsevolod asked, rheumy eyes looking up at Megs. It was times like this that it was hard to remember that he was Kindred. He was so alive, he ate food and he could stay up during the day.

It was disconcerting that he acted so human but that he was old. Now that his beast was put away, she could at least think, but holy crap had that not taken her a full night to stop being ansty just looking at him.“Yes. I should have taken better care of things when it happened, Evgeny was my friend. I should have torpored Mit-Dmitri instead of just letting him lay there.” Megs didn’t make any excuses. She should have put him down for the count, but she hadn’t. Whether it was because she was exhausted and bordering on frenzy or worried that she would be punished for what he’d done, it didn’t matter. She’d had a responsibility and she’s shirked it.Stastya’s lessons had been driven home that night. Hard.

Vsevolod nodded and spread out the maps before them, smoothing creases with gnarled fingers. He wore a number of silver and gold rings, some with precious gems while others had inscriptions in a language she didn’t recognize.


“Here, Katya. This is the haven of his Sire’s. He has secondary haven here,” Vsevolod said, a red pen scritching across old paper. He may not be there when you arrive, but that is the best place to start.” Megs nodded, leaning in to look at the surrounding streets and what their placements would mean. There was a bus station nearby, a grocer and a pharmacy.There would be places to look and start tracking him down. And if there wasn’t, she would start with the sire to lure him in. Although with Mitya’s grandsire being prominent… perhaps that tack would be best left as a last resort.“Here,” Vsevolod said, ripping the square from the map and handing it to her. “You will need this, I think. You return to the Outpost tonight, and leave for the City tomorrow.” The old man looked at her and smiled, resting his arthritic hand on her face.

“I can see why he liked you. You listen. Now go, get your things arranged.”

Megs nodded, tucking the scrap of map into her pocket.

“Can I ask you something?” she said, hesitating a moment. Vsevolod nodded, gesturing for her to go on. “Do you sleep when you get tired? You’re so… so close.”

Vsevolod grinned again, and let out a rasping laugh.

“I will sleep eventually Девочка моя. But not yet, I have much to do, and those religious fanatics at least provide some amusement. But you have much time to go before you rest. Don’t worry about that little bird. Tired and weary are two different things. Dealing with those that are dangerous and trying makes one weary, but it is only time that makes one ready for the Sleep.”


Late May, 2012
“Drink my friends, this round is on me!” The girl is cruelly shoved forward in what used to be a church. Now it’s been taken over by Mitya and his… Megs hesitated to call them friends. They were something alright, toadies, cronies, they weren’t friends. They were balls clinging to the Cock that Mitya was, all wanting to share a piece of that woman.The food screeched as she landed on the hard steps to the altar.“What is this? you said that we would go to a VIP party,” she said, struggling to get to her feet. But her feet, clad in sparkly lucite, kept missing the steps and she’d tumble back down to the gathered laughter.

Megs was perched up in the eaves, hidden amongst gargoyles and shadows as she crept forward, looking for a better vantage point.

There was five.

Megs only wanted one. But she’d found him. It’d taken a month of flying under the radar and tracking down first Mitya’s sire… then his blood dolls… then finally, Mitya and his ‘buddies’. Her lips pulled back into a silent snarl as she saw one of the other men, a kindred with a buzzcut, lean down and rip off the woman’s dress.

Five to one was pretty good odds, Megs reasoned, reaching out for the shadows, and pulling them down in a caul of darkness.

“What the fuck,” buzzcut asked, looking up with his hand on the throat of the woman to keep her from struggling. “Did the generator go off?”

“You two,” Mitya said with a lazy gesture to what had to be a pair of nosferatu (they had too many joints in their legs). “Go turn that shit back on. I can’t see my own fucking cock in this shit.” The Nosferatu stumbled forward, making their way by feeling ahead of themselves. Even with enhanced senses, the darkness was staggering. To some it might feel oppressive… to Megs…

Megs smiled.

Three to one. Buzzcut, Mitya and a mini Rasputin. Ventrue… Mekhet? and who knows… Buzzcut could be anything. Variety was the spice of life, after all. She had only a short window of time before the Haunt twins returned.

Megs stood, drawing the powers of Darkness around her before leaping off into space. The dust of darkness was already clinging close as she dove head first through the shadow, popping up high into the air next to Rasputin. Feeling a woosh of air, the Man instinctively covered his head, only to feel a sudden impact on his shoulders, bearing him down to the floor with a hard crunch.

“What was that?” Buzzcut asked, looking up from his struggling entertainment. Rasputin groaned before the stake pierced his back, sending him into torpor.

“Daniil?” Mitya asks, frowning and looking around nervously as he pulled a knife from his hip and brandished it about.

The blade was sharp and cold as it pressed into her, cutting her open as he sawed back and forth, back and forth.

Neutralize the next target. There was no time to waste on painful memories. Quick, light steps carried her over to buzzcut. Her hands found his back, and grabbed hold of his jacket as Megs cartwheeled over top of him, using the momentum and supernatural strength to haul the large man up over her and into the altar.

The woman screamed and curled up into a small ball, trying to hide from whatever monsters the drugs were making her see.

Megs ignored her, darting in and slamming the second stake into the man’s beefy chest. The backhand connected, sending her flying backwards before she could realise she’d missed his heart by a hair.

“Fuck. FUCK! Mitya help me out, fuckin’ staked man,” Buzzcut said, pulling the stake out of his chest.

“What? Who?” Mitya said, falling into a defensive crouch.

“You like that?”
“Maybe now you’ll know your place better,”
“You like that, don’t you, American bitch.”
“Bitch, maybe I have to soften you up a little. Is that it? you’re just challenging me because you want to be put in your place. That’s why you fuck the stupid Gangrel and the handyman. Because you’re not good enough for Real Men.”
“I don’t know, the fucker threw me into the wall and then shoved a stake into my chest.”The clock was ticking, how long before the Twins returned? Megs knew she only had moments to spare. Buzzcut was collateral damage, he wasn’t the target.
”I want you to scream.”
“Unworthy cunt. I’ll ruin you and I bet you’ll like it.”
Megs hauled herself to her feet, darting forward towards Mitya. The stake in Rasputin’s back was yanked free moments before she slammed into the Ventrue Fuck who’d spent so much effort to make her life hell. To ruin her.Steel sank into flesh, cutting through her belly and up into her ribcage just as hardened wood bit through ribs and organ to pierce the heart. Close enough to kiss him, Megs’s lips were pressed together in a grimace.Kill him.

Kill him.

Kill him.

But he wasn’t hers to kill. For all the harm he had subjected her to, Vseya had laid claim to the Ventrue for the murder of his Childe.

The lights flickered back on as the Twins returned, but she was already gone.

“What happened?” one of them asked, looking over to the two injured kindred. “Where’s Mitya?”

The Outpost
Late May, 2012

The deliver was made. A crate from Moscow driven out to the Farm where the Old Man lived. He had loved his Childe in his own way, and deeply felt that loss.But he smiled that night, opening the crate to see the torpored body.“Ahh… I think that Little Bird has quite the future ahead of her,” he murmured, tugging a note that had been pinned to Mitya’s shirt. As he read, his smile grew wider. “Yes,” he said, looking up to the Stern faced woman. “I think she will do quite well. Do get me the chains from the barn Stasha? I wouldn’t want him to leave before I have finished my studies.”

Vsevolod had loved his Childe, but he did not love this kindred. And there was ever so much to learn from picking apart the mind and body of a kindred. He had not examined a Ventrue in quite some time. How long would he last before madness set in?“Send Little Bird a thank you, when we are all done.” He said as Stasya returned with heavy lengths of chain, and started typing Mitya down to the kitchen table.“I will.”


June, 2012

The plane banked, and once again Megs could see myriad twinkling lights below. This time she could recognize neighbourhoods. The Pier, Chinatown, Pacific Heights. This was ‘Home’ but it felt so… strange to her.“Please fasten your seatbelts and stow your trays in the upright position as we prepare to make our final descent. Thank you for flying Air America, and have a great evening.”Megs drew her oversized sweater around herself, pressing her hand to her lips.

After months away, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be home. But there was work to do. An Academy to protect.

And people to Kill.

Vacation was over, it was time to get down to work.

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