The Outpost

April 1st, 2012
2100 hours

The small bar in town was always busiest on the weekend. The first impression had been that it was all but abandoned by the townsfolk, but Megs had found out from Boris that Pyotr had requested it be closed for the students’s arrival.“Oh Darling, what ever happened to you?” ChiChi came bustling over, nearly spilling out of her leopard print dress. She’d been almost beautiful once, with an hourglass figure and an easy way with men. Twenty years later she was pouring herself into clothing and using makeup to hide the signs of aging.Megs tried to wave her off, her shredded arm wrapped up tight and tucked into a sling until the muscles healed well enough. The cuts on her face had been stitched closed and covered with a gauze pad. This was less for Megs’s benefit than for those of the mortals around her. People might ask questions if they saw a girl’s teeth through her cheek.

Also, they would be put off their food and drink, and ChiChi wouldn’t like that.

“Training accident,” Megs said, her speech still thick from the damage to her face. She pulled the unhurt side of her mouth into a half smile. “It’s alright.”

“Well,” ChiChi said, ushering Megs in past the front bar. “Go join Alek and Alla in the back, yes? And don’t bother the customers.”

“No… of course not…” Megs said, glancing at the woman before continuing on to the shadowed table where Aleksandr and his niece were sitting. “Wouldn’t bother them anyways,” she grumbled under her breath. “Dinnit have to tell me like I’m some kid.”

“Katya, sit. Asha move over so Katya has room,” Alek said, grabbing the chair his niece was sitting on and dragging it over beside him. Alla did nothing, her body swaying slightly as it moved with the chair. The young girl was hunched over, staring at where her hands clenched in her lap.

“I see you have recouped from Ilya’s training last night,” Alek said, leaning back in his chair. His eyes flicked to her throat and the beastial hunger was almost palpable in the air as Megs approached.“Evening Alla,” Megs said with a small wave to the girl, eyes trained on Alek as she sat. “Evening Aleksandr. Yes I have, mostly. Aside from my arm that is,” she said, adjusting the sling. Alla looked up as her name was mentioned, wide staring eyes fixating on Megs’s arm.“That is good, that is good. There is much work to be done in the world by those like us,” Alek said, baring his teeth in what passed as a smile. At some point in his life he had taken a file to them, leaving sharp points where incisors used to be. The effect was horrifying, but little Alla did nothing but stare and stare and stare at the white bandage around Megs’ arm.

“How do you mean?” Megs asked, trying not to get caught in the girl’s eyes. Megs had grown used to monsters in her life, and as such Alek was… expected. Alla was not. Megs had yet to hear her utter a single sound, and had a creeping feeling that the girl just didn’t blink.Ever.“We,” Alek said, leaning over the table, “we are monsters. We are beyond what others might title themselves that wish to scare children in the dark. They prance about and they gnash their teeth and make those children piss themselves in their sheets.” He sneered, dead eyes shifting from her neck out to the patrons that were drinking and fighting out in the main floor of the bar.

“I see this just last night. Mitya, he asks for mercy. He expects it. You did not, which leaves me wondering to myself: in what world has a soft Canadian girl learned not to expect Mercy?” He reached out quickly and grabbed her face in a rough hand. Callused fingers dug into the gauze on her cheek, and tore the stitches out underneath.

“‘lek!” Megs hissed, her good hand scrabbling to peel his fingers back. “Ckoff.” He grinned and let go, giving the now-reddening gauze a rough pat before he pulled his hand away.

“See? Those that pretend, they cannot handle our true nature. Oh yes,” he laughed, a grating thing. “Yes, they pretend. But you… you expect agony. That has been your life at some point, da? I see those scars on your hands. Boris has told me of the scars on your sides and your back.”

Wait, what?!

“Borshwha?” she gurgled, her words not working well now that there was an emergency air valve in her cheek again. WHEN HAD BORIS SEEN HER BACK?! Oooh that fucker had keys to everything…. Oooh that… that…

“We are the evolved my dear,” Alek said, pushing an empty glass over to her to spit in. Megs swiped it angrily and spat out the vitae that had started oozing under her tongue. It tasted… so good, but she wasn’t about to swallow it. She was stronger than that.

“Evolved?” She asked, glowering now. Her face was still throbbing agony and she had a bone to pick with Boris.

“Da. Tens of thousands of years ago a monkey stopped throwing it’s own feces long enough to pick up a rock. Over time humanity grows to be the meanest, deadliest animal there is. We are not happy to hunt and kill, but insist on committing genocide, extinctions on a massive scale, and that is beyond what we do to our loved ones. We kill, we abuse, we rape. This is humanity, and this is why humanity has risen to the glorious top of the food chain.”

Alla had snatched up the glass with vitae spit, and was now drinking it down hungrily. Alek seemed unconcerned, even as Megs watched in mild horror. She was a ghoul? Someone had ghouled a girl that young? She was barely thirteen. Megs hoped she was a thrall, just a thrall… but still.

“And now we have us. We are the next step Katya,” Alek said, watching the rowdy mortals. “We are the evolution of all that humanity has done. It is only right that we take our place. Da, there are those that complain that we should grow and that we should attempt to remain ‘human’. But to be human, that is not to be kind.”

Alek grinned as Megs stood, taking perverse pleasure at the discomfort on her face.

“You fight it, yes Katya I see how you try to be kind. But I see the Monster in you, and it looks back at me, and promises my death. That is how you will survive my dear, not through gentle smiles and warm words. With murder and desecration.”

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