Missive from Plague Island

OH THE CALAMITY. (har har, shut up it’s the best I can do today.*snifflekoff*)

I wound up coming down with the cold from hell last Wednesday and only just got better enough to return to work today. That’s almost a whole week of lying in bed, groaning at the cat and making pawing motions at the computer to try to make my self-imposed word count.

Spoilers: I didn’t.

Sad Word Count

Also please ignore the Cumulative Actual count, it’s not self-updating. I’m behind, but not THAT behind. (Also yes I am insanely organized when it comes to writing and cosplay, don’t judge me! You don’t know me! [except you mom, hi.])

I missed the NaNoWriMo marathon day, I missed a whole heck of a lot of write-ins, and basically lived in my bed for a week, eating paleo-friendly chicken soup while my cat sat on my chest, happy I was home. Well, for the first couple days. Then Cat got bored and started poking me to get up and leave, or move, or anything.

Also Spoilers: I didn’t.

But as always, I look for the silver linings. Because being positive is rad, yo.

 Sad-face fact  Silver lining 
 I’m about 7 days behind and won’t make Angry Robot’s 2013 Open Door window. I’ll have to wait until (and hope that they do it again in) 2014  I’m not going to rush the novel and hurt eventual publication chances. I’m still going to aim to finish the novel within January 2014.
 I missed socializing with fellow writers.  I didn’t get anyone else sick. Aside from my coworkers. (SORRY!)
 I was sick, and grumpy. And didn’t post on my blogs.  But now I’m mostly better! *koff koff hack*

Missing the deadline for Angry Robot’s Open Door is kind of a boo/yay? situation. I really was hoping to get my Spy-Fi submission ready and in. BUT. I was getting worried that it wouldn’t: A) be good enough, and B) be good enough. I’m still aiming to complete the draft I’m working on by New Years/Early January and then polish, polish, polish.

Not aiming for the Open Door also means I can finish up that short for Tesseracts. There wasn’t any doubt that if I did make the push for AR’s Open Door that I would have just not had time for that story. And I kind of really like it.

It has fishies.

Smiling Shark

I like fishies.

In fact, because I was sick and didn’t get to Chuck’s Flash Friday yet, I’ll include it here. The first line from ‘Water’s Way’:

“Before the rebellion turned its turquoise waters red, Tunides was a paradise. Then the fire nation attacked.


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