Con Manners Matter

cancon-logoHey all!

Can-Con’s coming up in about 3 sleeps. YAY. Cons are amazing to meet other fans, writers and fellow Fandomers. And in order to make it the best Can-Con it can be I thought I’d review some Common Sense Con Manners Guidelines.

It’s a pretty short guideline. It’s pretty much just one rule, really.

DBAA  – Don’t Be An Asshole.

Let’s review in some role play situations:

  1. You feel like someone isn’t as big a fan of your fandom as you are? – DBAA. Ask how they got into the fandom, there’s probably common ground.
  2. Someone younger asks who Heinlein is? DBAA. Tell them he wrote Starship Troopers. Then, maybe, warn them about the incest thing.
  3. Someone older poo-poos Video Games? DBAA. Would you kindly tell them about how Video Games are telling interesting stories these days?
  4. Someone who is a visible minority mentions that they are upset about lack of diversity?DBAA. Listen to them. Especially if you are white and/or male.
  5. Someone gets a fact wrong? DBAA. Wait until they’ve finished speaking. Gently correct them, preferably not in front of an audience.
  6. You see a cosplayer? DBAA. Ask for a pcicture if you’d like to take one. Don’t comment on the body type, or any aspects other than to
    1. ask how they made it
    2. compliment them on how good it looks
    3. if they’re a child pretend they are the real character.
  7. You want to hug a lady who isn’t interested? – DBAA. Shake her hand instead. Then let go when she does.

And if someone is antagonizing you, remember not to feed the Trolls. Just go to a staff/volunteer/security and inform them what is happening and they will take care of it.

Happy Can-Con-ing! I’ll be talking more about how best to experience your con at my panel “So this is your first con” this weekend, Friday at 7pm.
Hope to see you there.


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