Oh, hello there… world…

So, er, I wrote the previous post because I had something to say and I wasn’t really expecting so many people to read it.

awkward wave

Oh hello there… people… with… opinions… and things…

I feel like I should also explain that I’d been running a small weebly blog on writing earlier this year, but got fed up with the lack of ‘just write the damn HTML’ ability and swapped over to wordpress, the Youthanize SFF was just the first post that was supposed to be about how I enjoyed networking in Texas and drank a metric tonne of margaritas.

So. Hi.

I’m a young(ish) author, with my first contract signed for a short story, and plugging away on finishing the first novel.

I’d been writing since I was a kid, but was only dragged out of my hermit hut when I met Derek Kunsken under a year ago, and decided ‘hey I should do that Nano thing’.

So I did.

Then I decided ‘I should try writing a short story and submit it while I figure out how to manage my novel’s explosion of delicate subjects’.

So I did.

Now I’m like ‘oh shit I should probably try to get some money back because those margaritas cost me money, must sell more stories!’

But that’s a work in progress.

So hi. I’m Alice. I write stuff. And I also write stuff about writing stuff when I should be writing the actual stuff I write about rather than writing about the stuff I write about.

*awkward wave before scuttling back into the Hermit hut*


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