Good News Everyone!

Awesome stuff has been happening over the last week and I thought I’d share with you fine folk. As well, there’s Can-Con coming up which will be equally awesome and you can find my schedule (such as it is) below.

Writers of the Future – Q3 Hono[u]rable Mention!

I’m pretty happy about this. I mean, it’s still my first year being ‘out’ as a writer, writing stories for submission and going out and meeting other writers like a big girl. But… I’ve put in hours. I’ve been a writer in the real sense of ‘I write’ since before I knew how to actually make my letters. (Sorry mom.) 

But in all seriousness, I have been writing for hours every day for nearly the last ten years. It’s kind of exciting to see that I’ve wound up at a place where the stories I write and how I write them are fairly interesting to other people.

So yeah, I’m pretty pleased.



I’m going to be a panelist, awh yeah!

Friday at 7pm – “So this is your first [Lit] Con!” with Kate Heartfield, Geoff Gander, Nicole Lavigne and Natasha Bertrand. Look out for comparisons to the popular Comic Cons and Anime Cons and me wondering often what the hell is with the ribbons. I still don’t get it.

Saturday at 5pm – “Multiculturalism in Science Fiction” with Matthew Johsnon, Yves Menard, David Hartwell (!!!) and Jean-Lousis Trudel. 

Saturday ALSO at 5pm – Critiquing Groups. This is a lie, I actually have a good friend Mary Pletsch taking my place who writes awesome things and puts up with my poop jokes and ‘dumb reader’ moments in our own crit group. She’s pretty awesome and if it wasn’t ast the exact same time as my Multicultural panel I’d totally encourage you to go see her. But it is. So come to the Multicultural panel instead.


Also! Whenever people are bored, looking for food, or between events, check out the Royal Oak that’s just on the same block as the Minto Suites Hotel. There’s an informal ‘beers with writers” going on all weekend because as much as I’d like to arrange something all official-like I just don’t have the time this year. Next year. 

Saturday at 8pm – I will somehow be involved with Marie Bilodeau’s Paper airplanes. I don’t know how yet but the word ‘goon’ was mentioned.

Sunday – Recovery and trying to sober catch up on sleep in vain before work Monday.


Strong Stomachs

So I read this post today on Random House’s blog. I’m not sure I can quite articulate my opinion without the help of some famous online faces.* I’ll quote directly from the article which can be found in full here: David Gilmour on Building Strong Stomachs. Well he’s not wrong, but it’s not the books that are testing my stomach…

* please note all opinions are Alice’s and not the owners of said famous faces. They just accurately represent my reaction. Emphasis in quotes my own.


…usually the University of Toronto doesn’t allow people to become professors without a doctorate. You have to have a doctorate to teach here, but they asked if I would teach a course, and I said I would.

Well while it seems a little… ‘fancypants’ to drop the word ‘doctorate’ so much, it is pretty neat that the University asked him to teach. Usually the term used is just ‘Associate Professor’ though. Because most universities don’t let people without Doctorates be full Professors.

I’m a natural teacher, I was trained in television for many years. I know how to talk to a camera, therefore I know how to talk to a room of students. It’s the same thing.

tardar sauce

As someone who has dealt with TV reporters as professors, and later as an instructor herself, NO. NO THIS IS WRONG. Continue reading

Con-tober and Nano-vember

Oh Sweet baby Jesus I’m about to not sleep for a month. 


So I do costuming as well as writing, which is eating up most of October with a trip to NYC for New York Comic Con (although I will definitely be trying to seek out writers and books), followed by the Ottawa Geek Market where I’ll be selling jewelry and things, and probably harassing people to go to Marie‘s table and buy books.

Can-Con logo

But before ALL of that, I’m going to this local con called Can-Con. it’s no big deal, just y’know, hosting the Auroras this year, and has a kind of awesome science track.

I’ll also be a panelist for the first time ever, covering the below:

  • So it’s your first Con
  • Multiculturalism in Science Fiction.

Excuse me while I go panic. But hey, I can totally sleep in November right?

nanowrimo logo



Hack and Slash*

*not these guys, sorry

*not these guys, sorry

After the brou-haha of WorldCon died down, I was super motivated to buckle down and finish the novel. I’d started it last year, only to leave it wallowing in a horrific state of half-finished-draft to focus on short stories.

But there was a problem.

There were many problems, actually: I’d made it too big, too busy, and realised I tried to cram too much into it.

“Holy Balls, Batman,” I said to myself (as my cat is still currently on vacay at my parent’s due to her houdini-like abilities when it comes to her carrier.) “What was I thinking?”

And so, I read over the plot outlines, poked at plot holes, and cut characters. Mid-dissection I realised the last third of the plot just… didn’t work. Elements of it did, but I’d have to go about restructuring most of it.

And by restructuring I mean ‘rewriting’.

And by ‘rewriting’ I mean Rewriting.

I had a stiff drink, then another before I dug out the plot-machete, and started hacking away at the frankenstien-like plot. It cried, I cried, it was horrible. And liberating.

What’s left is a proper story, with stakes and character development and spies.


The working Title is still shit though.

…but that can wait until I’m done (re)writing the damn thing.

Oh, hello there… world…

So, er, I wrote the previous post because I had something to say and I wasn’t really expecting so many people to read it.

awkward wave

Oh hello there… people… with… opinions… and things…

I feel like I should also explain that I’d been running a small weebly blog on writing earlier this year, but got fed up with the lack of ‘just write the damn HTML’ ability and swapped over to wordpress, the Youthanize SFF was just the first post that was supposed to be about how I enjoyed networking in Texas and drank a metric tonne of margaritas.

So. Hi.

I’m a young(ish) author, with my first contract signed for a short story, and plugging away on finishing the first novel.

I’d been writing since I was a kid, but was only dragged out of my hermit hut when I met Derek Kunsken under a year ago, and decided ‘hey I should do that Nano thing’.

So I did.

Then I decided ‘I should try writing a short story and submit it while I figure out how to manage my novel’s explosion of delicate subjects’.

So I did.

Now I’m like ‘oh shit I should probably try to get some money back because those margaritas cost me money, must sell more stories!’

But that’s a work in progress.

So hi. I’m Alice. I write stuff. And I also write stuff about writing stuff when I should be writing the actual stuff I write about rather than writing about the stuff I write about.

*awkward wave before scuttling back into the Hermit hut*

Youthanizing SFF

The days since WorldCon have been pretty interesting, not because I was back home and back to work, (cue MST3K ‘yay…’) but rather because of the discussion that’s popped up on both writer blogs, and then twitter about World Con and the lack of diversity. It’s not just a POC (People of Colour) issue, though that’s a huge chunk of it, it’s also an age issue.

I regularly go to cons, in fact I write another blog, Cosplay Calamity, that deals with my costuming and adventures attending the Anime, Comic and Game Con circuit. I’d been to Ad Astra earlier this year, but I think it didn’t really sink in how DIFFERENT the two worlds of Cons are until World Con.

I will explain how different with a visual aid:

How I feel at Conventions


Worldcon/Ad Astra/SFF

How-do-i-download-an-internet incredulous-baby-meme

I make light of it, but as someone who’s in her mid-twenties I get teased for being a ‘Grannie’ at one circuit and getting carded at the other. Not that I particularly mind, really.  But one of these con types is regularly packed, with hours-long line ups to get your pre-registration pass, while the other’s dealer room was empty, quiet and the aisles wide enough to get around the abandoned mobility scooters left there.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had a great time. I met tons of other authors, all of whom were more established, editors who were working as such full time and even the odd Agent who I quietly hassled in my Canadian way to get a card. (I’m sorry, thank you). But reading the various blogs and #DiversityinFF tweets, I realised that all this I did outside the con proper.

I went to one panel, one reading and then did a bit of shopping and got a book signed by my friend Marie Bilodeau. Everyone I met I did by hanging out in the lobby bar, going to room parties or stalking following people I’d met earlier and latching onto them lamprey-like to suck out their networking skills introducing myself to their contacts.

Sea Lamprey

This is my ‘networking’ face.

Continue reading