About Alice

Who’s this Alice Person anyway?

AliceI enjoy being ironically pretentious by writing in coffee shops and pubs. Also because my Cat is certain she’s my editor and actively tries to edit my stories.I have a background in both Journalism and Interactive Multimedia Design both from Carleton University. More importantly though, I’ve been writing since before I could actually write, and sat my mother down to make her write my stories into a ‘book’. Fun trivia fact: I got a story accepted into the local Library chapbook when I was 8. It was a horror story, and it was properly horrible. No, you can’t read it. No, there are no copies left that I am aware of.

When I’m not writing, or hunting down and burning all remaining copies of the chapbook above, I practice hot yoga and miss drinking beer. I can only hope that one day a pill will be developed for gluten-sufferers. Or at least better gluten-free beer.

– Alice

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